Thursday, 5 April 2012

I'm Going South...

In about 30 minutes I'm heading south with 4 gal pals for some sunshine, shopping and sisterhood bonding.


Do you remember waaaaay back when?  The days of playing outside until the street lights came on...the signal it was time to go home.  A day at the lake in the summer time jumping off a raft in the middle of the lake even if you could barely swim.  Ah yes and remember those beautiful bathing caps...

Birthday parties with games like musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey or just dressing up...

Then came vacations away to tropical beaches, lathering ourselves in baby oil for the ultimate tan.  
No such thing as sun screen back in the good ol' days. this wasn't exactly us.  HA!

Every night was a weekend in our 20's...

Then we hit our 30's and started our own families.  We were all quite content to enjoy each other's company over dinner or a movie as long as it was without our kids.  :)

Don't know what happened to our 40's...our 50's just seemed to appear.  It's almost as if we wanted to start reliving our youth.  Having fun in the great outdoors...naturally...'s a slippery slope my friends.  

Soon dressing up for a night on the town will take on a whole new meaning...

I look forward to forming our own chapter of the "Red Hat Ladies"...

let's just wait a decade or two shall we???

Gotta love them...

See ya next week!

* All images were taken from Google Images


  1. Have a great weekend! It's such a blessing to have friends like that you can reconnect with!

    1. I consider myself very lucky! :)